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Karen Ferris Therapy Solutions

"After many years of yo-yo dieting and slimming clubs I found myself thinking I would remain overweight for the rest of my life.

I was initially sceptical that hypnotherapy would work for me but it has been so powerful.

Thank you for listening to me,counselling me,motivating me and treating me as an individual.

My weight Issues are now resolved and would recommend anyone to try this therapy "


Female 60's Suffolk


"For many years I had anxiety,which over time contributed to bouts of low self esteem,lack of confidence,depression and stress.

This became part of my everyday Life until a friend mentioned that I had changed from a happy,positive,funny person to someone who was short tempered,moody and unhappy.

Karen was so easy to talk to,she made me  feel comfortable discussing issues that I had never talked about before and from the very first session I felt a lot better than I had done in a long time.

The various therapies that Karen uses can clearly be used to suit each individuals needs.

I am happier now than I have ben in a very long time"


Male LM 40's Suffolk


"I recently came to see Karen regarding a spider phobia,which I have had for over 40 years. I was a little skeptical about the chances of success but agreed to give it a go nonetheless.

The session was non-intrusive and very quick. I felt comfortable and at ease. I guess the proof of its success came a few days afterwards..the usual giant spider appeared in the bedroom,normal response would have been no sheer dread and not being able to deal with the visitor,total phobia! This time I was calming managed to successfully remove the spider. Totally different!

Great therapy with real results,thank you Karen and I would definitely recommend this therapy to anyone with a phobia"


Male GL 40's Woodbridge

"I approached Karen with regards to therapy as I had to make a presentation for work.

Karen completed a session with me via Skype and I went from the thought of the presentation causing a panic attack to me being able to present in a calm,confident manner.

This was a very important step for me and I am now able to think about my future work goals knowing that when  the need arises in the future to make further presentations then I can do it!

Just one session was all I needed but what a transformation "


Female 30's Sussex




Female AL Age 34, Suffolk 2016


I met up with Karen nearly 5 years ago suffering with anxiety over my skin condition called Rosacea. Which was knocking my self-confidence.

I had several Hypnotherapy sessions, which really helped me.

However gradually over time my anxiety returned but this time it was related to social anxiety and I was in a much worse state than before. It had got to the stage where I had no confidence and suffering panic attacks most days when leaving my house.

So a couple of weeks ago I reached out to her again.

My first session we did some more hypnotherapy, which really helped with relaxing me and learning some very important and useful, breathing techniques to calm me down.

Then came my second session and Karen suggested a relatively new therapy called BWRT. I was happy to give anything a try, as I was still not as confident as I wanted to be about leaving the house in case my face ‘flared up’.

After having just this 1 session of BWRT I feel like a new person.

I cannot begin to explain just how happy, relaxed, confident and non-caring to what anyone mayor may not think of me. After that 1 session I have not needed to use any of the breathing techniques and I am happy to leave my house feeling great.

I finally feel free to just be me. I am just so happy with the way I feel. It has honestly changed my life.

Karen is amazing. Proffessional, kind and caring. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t tried out this therapy. I certainly know where to go if any of life’s challenges come up and affect me living my life to the full.


A.L 34 years, Suffolk


A somewhat skeptical 60-year-old male, I decided to see if there was anything in this Past Life Regression. “I shall probably be Henry V111 or will sit there and nothing will happen,” I announced just prior to the appointment.


First I met Karen and she explained everything that would happen and she made no attempt to ‘probe’ for  ‘handles’. In fact the reverse – I had had a ‘premonition’ of someone I wanted to contact from my family history and wondered if it was me in a past life.


The day came and with some trepidation I entered the consulting room – well to be honest it was more like a pleasant room in a favorite Aunt’s house. Everything was done to make me feel comfortable and at ease.


When the session started I was aware of what was going on but at the same time completely without control of what was coming out of my mouth.

Firstly I visited the turn of the 18th/19th century and had vivid recollections of my life and times there. When the atmosphere got a little ‘tense/uncomfortable’ Karen whisked me away to a place of safety and in no time I was back into another Past Life’ this time the 13th Century riding to the crusades.


I am not historian and have no interest in that period yet was able to quote dates to Karen that later proved correct for the dress and battles I described under PLR.


Bringing me back to the present day I stopped off as a young child and re-lived a long forgotten moment of terror when I was all but smothered by a cat in my pram.


The final part of the session left me amazed. When I cam back into this life Karen told me something that I had never told a living soul _ and I ad no recollection of telling her either!


The beauty of it all was that Karen presented me with a CD of the session and I could play back and listen to the amazing voice changes and revelations in my own time/home and share the experience with my family and friends…. all of whom are now toying with the idea of a session.


Paul, 60years, Kesgrave

I just want to thank you for all your help in guiding me through a difficult situation that I had to face in the future. I found my sessions with you so calming and reassuring both for the practical advice and the hypnotherapy. The discs (CD’s) are a wonderful idea- both the hypnosis and the subliminals became a daily help and reinforcement and when the dreaded day came I was calm and controlled and very grateful to you. I know that some people believe that being hypnotized means losing control but the opposite is true, particularly in the hands of a skilled therapist. Once again thank you for your invaluable help.


Rita, Woodbridge

I came to see Karen in an effort to solve a long standing sleeping issue. The problem was that I would wake up very early in the morning, worrying about work, and wasn’t able to return to sleep. This was leaving me tired and irritated in my job. After an initial consultation and 2 hypnotherapy sessions, my sleep patterns have improved by re-training my sub-conscious mind, with Karen providing a very bespoke, personalized service. Should my sleeping patterns become disturbed again, I have the excellent relaxation CD’s to turn to,


M.B Woodbridge


Dear Karen,


Just a little note to thank you for all your help. I must admit I was skeptical before I came to see you but felt that I really needed to get my problem resolved and you were my last resort.

As you know, I have had for a very long time an unhealthy attitude to food/ in my eyes food was either good or bad. In my families eyes I was the calorie police who wouldn’t allow myself ‘bad foods’.

I have in the past-attended most slimming clubs even thought I am not considered overweight, but I always thought I needed to weigh a certain weight and constantly strived to meet this goal. I now know that this is a totally unrealistic and my life should not revolve around the needle on a set of scales.

My whole thought process was taken up with deciding what I was going to allow myself to eat and I had reached the point where I was fed up that food was dictating my life.


Since my visits to you (less than anticipated) I have finally come to realize that I can still eat healthily but also enjoy foods that I hadn’t tasted since I was a child as it was always on my ‘bad food’ list. I now eat without thinking (which is a joy) and can honestly say that I am happier as a result.


I would recommend your services to anyone that has been suffering in silence as I was for more years than I care to remember. It was a pleasure having the sessions.

Once again many thanks and good luck to all your future clients.


SM, Female 50 years. Ipswich.


Dear Karen,


The last of the 5 I needed was approx 10 weeks ago. In the meantime I continue to lose weight and feel so well and fit. I find that I do not need any further appointments because the transformation in my attitude to food that we were working towards has become ingrained now.  I was hoping for this result when we started. I so wanted to break away from the classic pattern of dieting and putting the lost weight plus more back on. Indeed I had given up and was miserable with the obese weight I had reached.

I have to say I was not confident – probably skeptical – that hypnotherapy would work for me but it has been so powerful. Thank you so much for motivating me, listening to me, counselling me, and treating me as an individual. I never felt that my choices were taken away and I have retained my love of food and cooking, but have adjusted the amount I eat with the emphasis on ‘healthy’ and ‘nutritious’ and I don’t eat automatically for ‘comfort any more. Eating is still a pleasure, but I eat when I am hungry. The motivation to exercise has been so beneficial too. The joy of just getting up easily from a chair or the floor instead of heaving myself up, of walking quickly and even jogging, is indescribable. I’m not young _I’m in my 60’s – and did not think that I would be able to do these things again.

Thank you for being kind and generous of spirit. I felt that you cared.


L, female, Woodbridge



I first met Karen in February 2011. Over the years I had tried every diet going without lasting success and really wanted to lose weight for my Son’s wedding in June of the same year.

Karen and I worked together to uncover what was preventing me from losing weight and exploring my relationship with food.


I found working with Karen very enjoyable and achieved my target weight in time for the wedding. I was delighted and looked and felt great.


Karen has a wide range of skills and disciplines, which she brings to every session and I have learned so much about myself and have totally changed my attitude towards food.


Karen promotes healthy weight loss and is very knowledgeable about nutrition and well-being. She has also helped me to be more confident and change my attitude towards my body image.


Mrs. P W, 64 years, Suffolk