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Karen Ferris Therapy Solutions

Sports hypnosis has played a significant part through history in determining the outcome of success. Top sports athletes have used mental training (whether it’s called hypnosis or not, transforming their body and mind to anchor a winning mentality).


Today more and more athletes are turning to sports hypnosis for help to improve their sports performance. Recently golfer Frances Bondad has claimed hypnotherapy has helped to lift her game after winning the Sanya Ladies Open 2011.

The 23 year old was quick to note how important her recent hypnotherapy sessions had been, saying that they had helped banish thoughts of her win-less past and sort herself out psychologically.

Bondad labelled it “unbelievable” how the professional hypnotherapy allowed her to change, leading her to victory which earned her a cash prize and a 3 year exemption to the ladies tour.

It’s common for sportsmen and sportswomen to see hypnotherapists about sporting motivation or fitness, since they work so hard on the physical side of matters that they forget about the mental aspects.

There are a number of fears that high-profile athletes often suffer from, including worries about being watched and concerns about looking foolish. This can bring about stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional states.


What Might A Session Of Sports Hypnosis Involve?


A session might involve discussing in detail the positive result you the athlete wants to achieve. Everything is geared towards creating the winning environment for your success.

They key is to gain precise control over your actions. You will learn techniques that will enable you to access these internal signals on tap.

You can have skills in your armoury to not be distracted by negative influences and command your own resources to manage stress and ease muscular tension …and much, much more.


Creating Optimum State For Performance


As an experienced hypnotherapist  I can work with the sportsman by utilising their own natural resources to help create an optimum state for performance in the following


  • Pre routine set up

  • Visualisation/Imagery

  • Concentration

  • Relaxation

  • Self Control

  • Positive self talk

  • Target Setting

  • FulfilmentAs

  • Sports Injuries (mental blocks)

  • Model Experts in your Field

  • Produce Winning Results

  • Learn to Access 100% of Resources at Will..


I also may use additional exciting new therapies such as Kinetic Shift and BWRT to get you the very best results…Fast! From the very first session you will notice the difference!


If you would like further information then please contact me

Improve Your Sports Performance