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Karen Ferris Therapy Solutions

Psychotherapy and Counselling are client led ‘Talking Therapies’


There are many reasons why you might be considering therapy, for example, you might be facing, or trying to get over a major crisis in your life, or you might feel ‘stuck’ in an unsatisfactory job, or relationship.


Other triggers that prompt people to seek therapy are when they


  • Are unhappy

  • Feel unhappy

  • Feel that their lives are chaotic and out of control

  • Feel that they should be getting more out of their lives

  • Have family problems, for example, when they are trying to juggle the demands of marriage, children and elderly parents

  • Menopause. Women can feel during this time of hormonal/emotional upheaval


Isolated, useless, unattractive and generally ‘down’ when going through the menopause and may need support to move forward into the next phase of their lives…a time when their own personal needs, wishes, ambitions etc can take priority


And many others


As an experienced Integrative Therapist, I will take you on a therapeutic journey, exploring present and past relationships, life events and emotional patterns. This journey will help to identify, and remove, irrational barriers, such as negative self-image and self-defeating behaviours, which might be causing, or at the very least contributing to any of the above feelings and emotions. Using an integrative approach means that I can fit the therapy to you and your life issues.


Counselling is helpful in responding to specific difficulties usually current.


Psychotherapy can be more suitable when the origin of a problem is not necessarily clear but may in fact be historical in nature but causing day-to-day discomfort, which can be physical or emotional


This form of therapy can be more  long-term, starting usually with an initial course of 4 sessions at weekly intervals and can continue for as long as the client wishes dependant on the individual clients needs.

Psychotherapy / Counselling