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Karen Ferris Therapy Solutions

In our culture we focus on the pain of Childbirth and how to deaden it.  The ‘belief’ is that Childbirth is ‘painful’. And even ‘unnatural’.


However when we are not ‘limited by fear’ something wonderful happens and giving birth using ‘gentle breathing’ can be a relaxed, calm and natural event.


Studies have proven that the more ‘fear of pain’ that a woman has then the ‘more pain’ she is likely to feel. This is due to the fact that fear leads a woman to tense her muscles at a time when ‘relaxation’ is the key to a relatively pain free labour.


In addition, when fear is felt we produce chemicals designed to alter the way in which our bodies perform The ‘fight or Flight’ response which re directs the blood to parts of the body needed for a quick escape (legs/hearts/lungs etc) which means that the blood supply to the uterus (& other areas) is diminished, which results in the contractions becoming less effective and therefore the duration of labour is prolonged.


Endorphins our natural pain killers


Endorphins are our brain’s natural pain killer, which are many times stronger than morphine, and they produce a tranquil, amnesiac condition. However these are only released when the brain is calm. In nature this tranquil condition occurs naturally in all mammals as the mother nears the end of the 1st phase of labour. This is because in the Animal world the ‘stress factor’ only occurs when there is a physical threat to survival.

However humans experience the same ‘stress factor/anxiety spiral/fight or flight response’ in reaction to thoughts…and this is where Hypnosis can help.


Let me tell you more about how Hypnosis can give you the ‘best experience’….and give you back  ‘control’ over how you give birth.


Positive Pregnancy & Birth Programme


5 Session Package


  • Pregnancy relaxation.

  • Effectively dealing with the discomforts of pregnancy e.g. sickness, aches, pains, complications etc

  • Hypnotherapy pain distancing techniques

  • You will learn self-hypnosis, so that you can de-stress wherever and whenever you need to

  • Cd’s tailored to your individual needs. These will help to relax and empower your experience before & during the stages of labour and birth.

  • Planning and rehearsing a positive birth experience, as well as the postnatal experience: feeding, bonding, recovery etc


However as all programmes are ‘tailored’ to the your particular needs then additional sessions may be needed to address particular fears, anxieties or any other issues such as a caesarean.


You can find out more about the programme, discuss your needs and decide if you would like me as your therapist. Rapport is the key to a successful hypnotherapy experience.


Then please contact me Karen Ferris

Positive Pregnancy & Birth