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Karen Ferris Therapy Solutions

Kinetic Shift is relatively new, dynamic and rapid therapy combining several different techniques to resolve issues such as Fears.Phobias, Anxiety, and Weight Loss, Smoking cessation and can also assist with some of the more complex issues such as PTSD..


With Kinetic Shift I am able to work ‘content free’ in the majority of cases, so the client only needs to disclose if they are comfortable doing so.


Using the clients feelings.emotions etc Kinetic Shift works directly with the MIND, not the cognitive part of the brain which in many cases could ‘lie’ or ‘cover’ up the underlying issue. Therefore the success rate of this technique is very high as together we get to the root cause of the underlying issue.


Kinetic Shift can be equally successful with or without the use of Hypnosis so therefore appeals to the client that is a little unsure of  Hypnotherapy.

Kinetic Shift is a technique where the Practitioner works intuitively with the client ..and the client is fully responsive throughout the session.


In many cases issues are ‘cleared’ in just the 1 session.


If you would like to find out more about how Kinetic Shift Therapy could help you..then contact

Kinetic Shift