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Karen Ferris Therapy Solutions

Logically we know that flying is the safest form of transport or that spiders cannot cause us harm. Yet knowing this does not help because if you feel your heart pounding and the adrenaline pumping into your body. These are real feelings, a very real fear and it holds you back from doing what you want.


A phobia or irrational fear affects many people having a massive impact on their day-to-day lives and in most cases are caused by a single stressful or traumatic event or learned from a family member.

Babies are born with just two fears. The fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. All other fears/phobias are a learnt behaviour.


An example would be if a child saw a parent having a phobic reaction (over-reaction) to a mouse, spider or flight – this event becomes locked into the child’s inner belief system..the subconscious mind and therefore it becomes an automatic response.


However if you ask a person how their phobia started they can seldom remember and it is almost as if they have always had it.


Common phobias include fear of dogs, snakes, needles, lifts, frogs, surgery, dentists, flying and spiders.

People with a fear/phobia  can change their lives to avoid the phobia – however the way the mind works, the more you avoid the phobia the stronger it becomes.


How does therapy help overcome a phobia?


I use a number of therapies to tackle a fear or a phobia,.

Hypnotherapy is the one more often associated with phobia work but I also use BWRT (Brainworking Recursive Therapy  and Kinetic Shift


These therapies are rapid and very successful at  removing  phobias and fears that have held you back, by reducing the associated anxiety and deleting the triggers, thereby letting you move on with your life.


Fear of Spiders – Fear of Flying – Fear of Heights – Fear of Crowds – Public Speaking – Sleep Problems  – Dogs  – Thunder  – Dentists – the list is almost endless.


Phobias and Fears come in many different forms

I have experience of working with people with all sorts of fears and phobias and most are free from the fear or phobia  in just one or maybe  two sessions.


Its amazing for me to see people cleared of a phobia that has blighted their life.

Fear and Phobias